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Findr is an AI-powered assistant that can answer any work-related question by searching all your workplace apps, at once.

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Stop searching for links and documents. Gather all references about a topic across your apps in one single place.

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Marketing Campaign Strategy 2023

Outlining the overarching goals, target audience analysis, campaign tactics, budget allocation, and key performance indicators (KPIs). This document is essential for marketing teams to align their efforts and execute a successful campaign.

AI for instant answers

Chat with Findr to get direct responses to your questions, summarize content, compose emails, lightning fast with references to your sources

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This document offers a thorough examination of the company's data landscape, providing valuable insights and strategic considerations for optimizing data management and utilization. It delves into various facets of the company's data ecosystem, shedding light on its sources, types, quality, and governance.

Product roadmap

Multi account integrations

Easily connect and search multiple accounts in one place with Findr. Stop hopping between apps and accounts to find relevant information.

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All your favourite apps. One single search.

Instantly sync your favourite apps like Gmail, Slack, Jira, and Drive to quickly find answers and information in real time.

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Findr connects with your apps in real-time, letting you use workplace search as soon as you connect your first app.

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What About Security?

We prioritize security with robust encryption, secure infrastructure, and strict access controls. Dive deeper to understand how we protect every bit of information.

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We don't store data

We leverage search APIs to fetch the information in real-time. Your data remains where it belongs, and we simply help you access it from one platform.

Granular Access Controls

You can only search for information you already have permission to access. Nothing more, nothing less.

ISO Certified

Upholding stringent data protection and operational integrity, verified by rigorous audits.

SOC2 Type 2 Certified

Guaranteeing top-tier data security and management, aligned with global standards.

We're here to give you an upgrade, when you need it

Schedule a demo with Findr, and we'll do more than just show you around the platform. We'll first understand your requirements, then explore together how Findr can streamline your information discovery and search.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As your personal search assistant, Findr browses your apps for you to generate direct responses to all your queries. It eliminates the need to search for links and documents., It gathers all necessary context about any topic into one place, freeing you from the hassle of switching between multiple apps to find your information.

We prioritize your data's security by using search APIs from all apps, allowing us to search data in real-time without needing to index or download it. Plus, all our systems are safeguarded with the highest industry-grade encryption to ensure your information stays protected. Additionally, we are ISO and SOC2 certified. Learn more about our security measures here.

Findr uses search APIs to directly extract information from your apps, meaning your data stays exactly where it is. We simply help bring it to your fingertips, ensuring quick and easy access without storing your data anywhere.

New or updated information becomes searchable instantly with Findr. As soon as you add or change any data, it's immediately available for you to find through our platform.

Findr operates by understanding the query you input, then utilizing search APIs to pull relevant data from your apps. Our ranking engine sorts these results, ensuring the most important information is presented to you first.