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Findr vs. GoSearch: Comparison Guide

Findr is the efficient, secure, and smart alternative to GoSearch. Experience powerful AI search across all your workspace without the hassle of data indexing or security concerns.

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Workplace search engine
Generative AI
Findr is built from ground up to be AI first
Secure and private
Uses real time APIs, no data is indexed or stored
Downloads and indexes all your sensitive workplace information from emails to private slack conversations
Cost effective
Starts at $14.99 per month per member
Quotation-based, making it hard to gauge costs without detailed consultation.
Setup in minutes
Becomes instantly available to all team members
Requires days to weeks for full indexing and setup, leading to significant delays before the product is fully operational.
Real time information access
New and updated information is reflected in real-time
Takes time for updated data to become searchable
Unlimited connections per app
Multiple accounts can be connected per app
Universal desktop app
Spotlight-like desktop app makes it easy to access information without breaking current workflow
Integrations on demand
New integrations on demand
Ease of deployment and maintanence
Quick setup and frequent updates for hassle-free use
Requires additional engineering bandwidth to configure
Self hosting
Host findr wherever and however you want
Content generation
AI-led content generation to write long blog posts, documentation, and notes
Feedback based training of AI
AI improves based on feedback

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What About Security?

We prioritize security with robust encryption, secure infrastructure, and strict access controls. Dive deeper to understand how we protect every bit of information.

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We don't store data
We don't store data

We leverage search APIs to fetch the information in real-time. Your data remains where it belongs, and we simply help you access it from one platform.

Role-Based Access Controls
Role-Based Access Controls

You can only search for information you already have permission to access. Nothing more, nothing less.

ISO Certified
ISO Certified

Upholding stringent data protection and operational integrity, verified by rigorous audits.

SOC 2 Certified
SOC 2 Certified

Guaranteeing top-tier data security and management, aligned with global standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Findr operates by understanding the query you input, then utilizing search APIs to pull relevant data from your apps. Our ranking engine sorts these results, ensuring the most important information is presented to you first.

As your personal search assistant, Findr browses your apps for you to generate direct responses to all your queries. It eliminates the need to search for links and documents., It gathers all necessary context about any topic into one place, freeing you from the hassle of switching between multiple apps to find your information.

We prioritize your data's security by using search APIs from all apps, allowing us to search data in real-time without needing to index or download it. Plus, all our systems are safeguarded with the highest industry-grade encryption to ensure your information stays protected. Additionally, we are ISO and SOC2 certified. Learn more about our security measures here.

Findr uses search APIs to directly extract information from your apps, meaning your data stays exactly where it is. We simply help bring it to your fingertips, ensuring quick and easy access without storing your data anywhere.

New or updated information becomes searchable instantly with Findr. As soon as you add or change any data, it's immediately available for you to find through our platform.