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All your favourite apps.
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Instantly sync your favourite apps like Gmail, Slack, Jira, and Drive to quickly find answers and information in real time.

ShortcutNavigate your Shortcut projects with ease. Search for specific stories, tasks, and discussions to stay on top of your development workflow.
SalesforceSearch through your Salesforce data seamlessly. Find contacts, leads, opportunities, and reports quickly to drive sales and enhance customer relationships.
DropboxSearch through your Dropbox files effortlessly. Find specific documents, images, and shared folders quickly to keep your projects on track.
HubSpotLocate contacts, deals, and tasks efficiently. Manage customer relationships and sales.
JiraFind issues, projects, and boards quickly. Streamline project workflows.
Google CalendarSearch through your Google Calendar events effortlessly. Find meetings, appointments, and reminders quickly to stay organized and manage your schedule effectively.
ConfluenceAccess your knowledge base, documentation, and collaboration spaces seamlessly.
TeamsExplore conversations, files, and channels within Microsoft Teams effortlessly.
OneDriveSearch and retrieve files stored in your OneDrive account swiftly.
OutlookNavigate through your Outlook emails, calendar events, and contacts effortlessly.
NotionSearch for pages, documents, and databases within Notion effortlessly.
SlackLocate specific messages, files, or channels within your Slack workspace.
Google DriveAccess your files stored in Google Drive. Find documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more.
GmailSearch through your emails seamlessly. Find important conversations and attachments with ease.
AirtableSearch through your Airtable databases effortlessly. Locate records, attachments, and collaborators instantly to manage your projects and data effectively.Coming soon
IntercomExplore conversations, user queries, and support tickets within Intercom effortlessly.Coming soon
ZendeskSearch tickets, users, and conversations within Zendesk effortlessly. Coming soon
ClickUpSearch through your ClickUp workspace with ease. Find tasks, documents, and team discussions quickly to stay organized and productive.Coming soon

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